Art is one of my passions, including Art history and creating my own.  

Computer Art 

I enjoy designing computer generated art, more recently with E-on Vue9.   This amazing piece of software allows one to quickly create almost photorealistic, surrealistic, or fanciful images.  I often include people and animals, plus various objects, created with DAZ3D's DAZ Studio.  I also use with DAZ3D's Bryce, including the newest version Bryce 7.0.  I've split my Bryce work into two major sections, Landscapes and Science Fiction/Fantasy.  The Canyon Series and Desert Series demonstrate how changes in lighting, sky presets and rendering selections can significantly alter the same basic landscape.

I recently started using software's Vue 9.  This also generates landscapes and other scenes.  

* New Works added August 24, 2012 to Vue Landscapes*

Vue Landscapes

Bryce Landscapes

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Canyon Series

Desert Series

Oriental Landscape Painting

I've long been drawn to the Chinese landscapes of the Sung and Yuan Dynasties (about 1000 - 1300 AD). I have had training in painting in this style, and have added scans of some of my original paintings.  For historical information and images the National Palace Museum Taiwan has probably the finest collection in the world.  Other sites with excellent information and examples are:

And a very small selection of my Original Paintings