Geography and Travel

My B.A. is in Geography, so naturally I have a strong desire to know where places are in the world and how they got to be what they are.  I do a fair amount of travel as part of my job, and have included links telling more about the places I've been.  I just returned from England , which was my second trip out of the U.S.  I'm including some original photos I took on a trip to Italy as well as post card scans of places that either did not allow photography, or the photos I originally took vanished due to not paying attention to which buttons I pushed on my digital camera. 

Fortunately that mistake was not repeated in England.


I enjoy keeping track of the countries in which people kind enough to view this webpage live.  To see maps that direct you to Yahoo web directories of the history, culture, and attractions of these countries, please click on the name of a continent, then click on a place that is color highlighted.  More countries will be added as visitors from them find their way to this page:





        North America

        South America

Sorry, but no one from Antarctica has visited yet.

Favorite Places

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